Get Paid to Work Out! How to Become an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer in as little as 4 Weeks

This year we’ve seen a radical shift in how we live, work, and play…and there’s no better time to take charge of your life! Now is the perfect time for new beginnings. That’s what ISSA, or the International Sports Sciences Association, is all about: giving you the opportunity to pursue all those dreams that you’ve […]

When Will Spire Global IPO? – Lexi Jones

Spire Global, a space to cloud data analytics company, announced that it will go public through a merge agreement with an SPAC. Founded in 2012, the company identifies and tracks movement of the world’s resources and weather systems in order for businesses to make smart decisions. Its infrastructure includes a wholly owned and developed constellation […]

Why The Falcon and the Winter Soldier Will Only Be Six Episodes – Katherine Stinson

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the next Marvel television series slated to premiere exclusively on Disney Plus. The series will shine a spotlight on Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), the new Captain America, and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan.) Barnes was the best friend of the first MCU Captain America (Chris Evans), whose civilian name […]

When Will Crossover Health IPO? – Sarah Marshall

The pandemic has been a boon for healthcare giants, especially those who use personalized health tech to ensure savings for employers. Crossover Health, founded in 2010, seeks to provide personalized care to employees within a workforce to keep them healthy and motivated. They use a digital-first model and monitor populations, offering preventative screenings and assistance […]

Linqto Announces Global Investor Conference: March 9th – Sarah Marshall

Linqto is announcing its quarterly Global Investor Conference. The virtual, free event will take place on Tuesday, March 9th starting at 10:30AM Eastern. The conference boasts an impressive list of panelists from the clean tech, digital assets, global development, gaming, finance and venture capital industries. The theme, “Acorns to Unicorns,” is about the processes and […]

Peaches, Honey, & Wine Glazed Ham – betterliving

* This post is sponsored by Holland House Cooking Wines. Holland House Cooking Wines are a great way to take your dishes to the next level. The information and content presented here is all ours.   Nothing makes an Easter table presentation like a beautiful and delicious ham. And while hams taste pretty yummy all […]

Perion launches Actionable Performance Monitoring to help optimize social advertising – Stewart Rogers

Perion – a digital advertising company – has today announced the launch of’s Actionable Performance Monitoring (APM). Paragone’s APM adds multi-channel social advertising management platform to the company’s offerings and is now deployed with clients such as Disney and Havas Media The APM and its predictive algorithm will be launched directly by, while also […]

Facebook’s Australia Ban Explained In A Few Minutes – Julia Sachs

Facebook briefly banned its users from sharing news content on its platform in Australia. The move was aimed at taking a stance on a new piece of proposed legislation that would force social media companies like Facebook to pay publishers when people post their content to social media. The law, should it go into effect, […]

Twitter Removed The Option To Report Tweets For Violating Its Civic Integrity Policy – Julia Sachs

A reporting option that allowed Twitter users to report posts that were potential violations of its Civic Integrity Policy was removed from the app in recent months as the political storm surrounding the 2020 US Presidential Election have cooled down. Twitter’s civic integrity policy allow it to remove posts that threaten to upend the results […]


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